Progress comes in small steps but realization of it comes in leaps and bounds of imagination once we are clear enough to realize where we are and what we can know from the vantage point.
For example you work on moving with your partner for a while on merging with his levers to avoid becoming tense and injured from them and only after a long while you will realize that if you move according to your partner you are already tense. You will avoid becoming tense once you move to your own rhythm and move according to what is natural to you and the tension will not come inside you.
A small practical example is to walk. If you are pushed and you jump or try to balance it is an unnatural movement if you are moved into it. Start slow and keep breathing and you will find already within yourself the solution. If you are levered by the elbow and you bend and move your legs and arms away from your body you are trying to spread the tension and that is fine but will not work sometimes. If you take the patience and consideration to simply walk it out leaving the tension outside and choosing instead of being pushed you will not be controlled once you have self awareness.
Have a partner take you by the hand and start to lever and move you. You need to keep the tension outside you you by first breathing according to the level of tension outside and inside so you avoid letting the mental and emotional tension to come inside and than by moving as you choose first very slowly to avoid erratic movement and than faster you you relax simply walking and doing what you feel is right.
A video will be out soon to illustrate in principal.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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