Survive the tool in YOUR HAND

We often work against attacks which involve tools such as stick knives shovels and the like but not hurting yourself with your own tools is seldom practiced. People who for example work with long light blades such as machetes know that drawing the blade back from a cut using just the arm can end in it coming back to the source of the movement which is your body (please consider how much you can affectively learn from this sentence alone)
Start by holding a tightly rolled magazine in your hand and have a partner work to have your relaxed hand hit you and your job is to do the least amount of work to avoid getting hurt. Continue to the excellent standing drill of person A needs to get person B to point X and again A works to use the magazine to his favor and B works to avoid getting hurt and to not reach point B (not an elephant trunk)
Continue to do the same drill only now hold unto a full length stick such as a walking stick or a mop and once you feel more comfortable with the stick replace it with a hammer. People think you must be effortless all the time and once you are good you will not be using force at all and that is silly. If you need to push a car you will use force. If you need to drive a person from A to B you can use much less force but still move yourself and working with unbalanced tools such as a hammer will help you clean out the misconception of work not being just that work. Remember we aim to employ the least amount of force and harm to ourselves and others and we can truly do great things, all of us but only honesty will get us there.
Once the hammer is done with you start with a chain and use great care as you will have less and less control of it if you resist your partner or partners in this drill and the role of the chain in this drill is to show you how much we tense and resist when there is no benefit to us by acting so. The more you will tense up and try to move others you will be hurt by the chain in your hand. The more you will move yourself you will have the chain by your side.
Now let us use a great new tool called a flat trowel which we will use before the knife to be able to push and lever with it on the body and limbs. The shape of it like an upside down triangle which is opposite to a regular sticking knife and thus allows us to explore evading harm to ourselves in an expanded way. Because the angle is revered you will feel a point boring into you whenever you decide to play smart with the blade and rotate on the tip which you can do on a static plastic blade but not on a real moving one especially if you are holding the blade and your partner is wisely taking advantage on your reluctance to move yourself.
Once this is done and the bricks are in a row repeat with a not too sharp blade and remember breathing and paying attention is key and not winning a practice drill. The more ego you have the less you learn about yourself and the less good you can achieve.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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