Releasing the push pull drum reaction

It is obvious when people apply force on us they want a response that meets their expectations. Any deviations from this will cause frustration and other emotional and mental effects on them. One of the simplest and most affective to work with is pushing and pulling on your partner.
Start by one person standing and his or her partner placing one hand on them with no tension. The standing person works with his body to push the hand and relaxes a few times and then you change the location of the hand and repeat this drill. This shows you how you tense up against unwanted contact and from awareness you can clean this excess tension from your body and head.
Repeat this basic drill while half down on the squat and here you have an added bonus of working on two things at once both tensing against the contact and remaining free from excess tension while in the half squat. It is important to remember the word ALSO in your general work as what we do does not come to replace anything but to contribute to what it is you want to do. If you are paying attention to your breathing it cannot come instead of paying attention to the direction of your barrel or your hands on the wheel. This allows you to extend your awareness rather than focus it as a pin from here to there and be more alive in life and not just in practice.
Once you worked your awareness to this tensing up against contact move to being pushed and pulled lightly by a partner or more and you simply move with the contact with no resistance to see the effect it has on you with no resistance.
Now start walking from A to be and have your partner come to push and pull you whenever he wants and you work to do two things at once. You move with your partner and continue to move to B at the same time. If for example you are walking toward the tree and your partner is pulling your neck backwards you still have freedom in your legs hips and spine to move in the direction you want (escape evade or simply get home to the lovely wife) and since we worked on awareness to the tension coming from contact we can release it with the continued breathing and keep being free without resisting or using as little force as possible.
Repeat this drill a few times and add sticks to push and pull with starting with the broad side and advancing to the tips (not in the eyes people unless your partner stole your glass eye…) since sticks allow you to further understand your body reactions and the freedom the body has in all the parts rather than focusing on the outer contact.
Once this is done hand your partner a stick with no pointy ends and have him stand in place. You will work toward him from different directions and he will place an obstacle in your way using the long side of the stick. Work this drill and change places frequently or even with a third party calling out the switch so your mind will release the role it takes and simply breath and move.
Continue to having your partner walk with the stick and you come to place your arms around him (placing your arms around his legs without stopping is one way to do it) and he uses both the long and short of the stick to move you and remain free. It is important to the work of the stick person to avoid becoming a pusher or trying to keep the oncoming “hug” at a fixed distance and work freely with what fits the moment you are in (sometimes you push, sometimes pull and sometimes with awareness you can see where your partners are not paying attention and you can control their movement by touch alone there)
Move to both partners trying to place their arms around each other without the other persons arms or legs around you and here one side will alternate at will working to get his job done or just staying free with no limitations to his movement. The partner will experience these differnet levels of work and will be able to notice how his own work is dependent on the nature of work in his contact and thus clean his mind and body from this type of leaning on outside behaviour.
Have fun and work honestly

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