10 less common “static” position holds to work on.

1. Hold the up position of the pull up movement and as you do switch hand positions without going up or down ( note how you need to actively switch the tension in the entire body to support the mass and consider how this can be done with less force)
2. Go down to a half squat with upper body perpendicular to the earth and walk forward backwards and in circles (relax your eyes and shoulders and see how real strength is born)
3. Hold the bottom part of the push up movement and walk without changing height (same as in the pull up switch, allow the body to change tension lines and understand how to create it on your own or avoid it to avoid getting hurt while working with your hands)
4. Hold the bridge position and as you already guessed 🙂 walk around (expect no back injuries after this once you learn to lead the limbs from the body)
5. taking two steps away from a tree or a wall lean on it with your fingers and walk up and down (keep your fingers from bending to avoid relying just or structure)
6. considering your level of comfort and health in the matter either lean against a wall or form a bridge touching with just your head and feet and in this position tense and relax a part in your backside and then the corresponding part in your front. This is a great drill to learn how tension and impact move through our bodies.
7. Lie on the ground and raise your legs and back in the air so you touch the ground with your shoulders and neck alone. Let the breath guide your movement and sway the body to make walking on your shoulder blades easy and fun.
8. lie on your stomach and grasp your feet with your hands. Rise up to a bridge on your stomach and use your breath to rock forward and backwards and side to side. (this will give you great ability to take strikes and again allow you to move as you should from the breath outward)
9. Place both feet on a tree trunk or a wall and stay horizontal using just one arm at a time as you turn back and forth with only one upper limb touching at a time. This will allow you to do work in different angles than you are used to and to remember you have free limbs to move with and limbs to use tools with. Do not pick a tree which is comfortable to lean your feet against but something vertical so you also learn to use tension wisely throughout the body to keep moving no matter what.
10. Sit on your shins with the upper side of the feet flat on the ground and keep the body from the knees to the top of the head in the same line. Slowly lean backwards from the knees pivot and go back up using the breath to guide the pendulum movement. Make sure you avoid excess tension in the body as you load the angle on yourself and allow the breath inhale to deal with the needed extra firmness from inside.

Do this drills when you can and listen to your body and good things will happen. This is geared to the infantry men but will do good to anyone wanting to do better.

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Sharon Friedman

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