Start by yourself facing a wall. Start walking toward it and learn how many steps it takes to reach the wall with your front. Do this from different distances and then from each side and walking backwards.

Have a friend turn you around and place you in some position in a room and while you are making a steady noise move slowly until you reach the wall. Avoid charging ahead and learn to understand what your body and senses are telling you. Repeat from different places in the room and allow the map of awareness to build within you.

Continue with a partner standing and you learning to know how many steps it takes to first reach him, next to reach an arm distance and then to pass touching body to body and arm to body.

Repeat the drill with your partner walking first just forward and then walking in any which way.

Now add another partner walking toward your static target which is a tree a box or a standing partner and here you will work without speaking to time reaching the target together. Continue to a slowly forward moving partner as the target and then to a free moving target moving forward backwards and stopping from time to time.

Most would agree it is better to avoid getting within arm reach of a mugger, a rapist or just someone angry at the world. Getting to be able to detect and learn to know where you are even when the view is constricted and knowing how to move to stay free is valuable and worth investing in. Remember your timing must be free from following what your mind focuses on. Stay free.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)