Make smart fast choices

Your mind is a machine that works for you. It evolves and devolves according to demand and use just like anything else in nature. There is no waste.

Here are partner work suggestions for development of awareness and from awareness we will get smarter faster choice making. You can also reference the OODA loop for further reading.

  1. Stand three paces away from your partner facing away from them. Have them engage you with a projectile as you turn ( a tennis ball for example) and slowly close the gap between you so you are able to maneuver with self-guidance at shorter ranges.
  2. Repeat the first play only now you are prompted by the actions of the partner. It can be by a sound or obscured sight (watching the shadow or reflection of the partner).
  3. Stand and have your partner circle you from a three step distance. (This connects to the pray/predator cycle and engage more than your logical mind) Have them engage you from different angles where you work to maintain freedom of maneuver and engage them at the same time. Shorten the distance between you as the work progresses.
  4. Sit or squat according to the location and have your partner circle you from a three step distance. Work to engage them smoothly when they present a lack of attention and include baiting steps taken by the circling partner to draw out awareness to honest intention and the lack of it.
  5. Close your eyes and start walking slowly. Pay attention to the input from your feet and your skin, your ears and your equilibrium sense. Have your partner engage you with static obstacles on the way and once this becomes smooth, with light pull/push contact. Once this is done, start engaging with holds, twists and turns.
  6. Start walking and close your eyes on every second step. Have your partner or partners engage you continuously as you open and close your eyes in this way (sync with breath if off your feet J) and continue to broaden your lack of sight by increasing either breath or step with no sight.
  7. Start from standing and have your partner or partners mold you into whatever shape they choose and start when they inform you to begin.
  8. Use either a breath hold or a prolonged inhale/exhale to season any of the previous work to increase your awareness to the tension and the way you work with it. Remember to release tension between runs of each work.

Notice that there was no use of tools or special devices? The best weight you can carry is between your ears and between your ribs. Although, toys can be fun.

Have fun.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)