Notes from Class: Rolling thunder

Solo and partner work complement each other. Here is a coupling of those drills that come to bring the rolling thunder of freedom of movement.


  1. Have two partners hold onto your wrists (or keep your arms in the air…) and roll you forward and backwards from standing to the ground and back.
  2. Repeat the work but keep your knees straight so you learn to better use your hips and ankles and most of all, choose your horizon – look and see at the same time. Do not aimlessly go with the current.
  3. Have two partners or one capable one 🙂 hold onto one wrist and one ankle as you lay on the ground. Breath and turn facing up and down in both directions using just the body motion. Feel and find the freedom under hold in your body. Ride the tension and stay free.
  4. Start at a standing position and relax one shoulder forward and the other backwards as you do the same with your hips and knees. Gently lower yourself to sitting on the sides of your legs and continue the movement to a squat and back to standing. Maintain the turn throughout the movement.
  5. Repeat the work but use your arms from your shoulders to further integrate how the upper and lower body contribute to the path you are moving on.


  1. Have a partner strike your face. Welcome the contact and relax your lower body on contact. Work from all directions.
  2. Have a partner strike your face. Welcome the contact with relaxation and as you move the body, glide with an arm on the incoming contact and continue to glide to place your limb on their head.
  3. Have a partner strike your face and move toward and into your space continuously. Glide on the contact and enter without getting face contact yourself.
  4. Have a partner stand at your left and right. Have them decide amongst themselves who goes in first and as one engages you, the second comes in too. Move without entangling with either so you maintain freedom of location and angle. Repeat and enjoy the movement.

Enjoy and send me your requests and comments.



Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)