We tend to over complicate things. Memorize a thousand techniques,  Practice the technique ten thousand times and so on.

Here is a simple formula to practice and widen your awareness to what is happening.

1. Location – Simply choose not to be where the attack happens – work with your entire body so you do not end up in a weird stance and choose where you want to be instead of being moved by touch or fear.

2. Angle – Every movement should have some change of angle – It will allow you to maintain freedom of thought by not being stuck to the attack in your mind and allow you to see the entire picture which will allow you to stay within yourself so you do not get sucked into the others intent. Further more – angles allow for less impact or no impact when the body and mind are free.

3. Focus – If you see just the attack – your focus is on it solely. If you see the entire attacker – you are stick stuck though less – If you see yourself and the attacker in the free space – you can make choices that are not just bound by what is happening and shift the outcome without being overly affected by it.

Example – Michael is attacking Ryan with a stick. He is swinging from right to left (common directive) Ryan moves forward to be offset sweet spot of the stick swing and turns his body so he sees the scene instead of being sucked into a part of it. Michael is shifting his swing downward to strike at the feet and Ryan chooses to move into Michael’s body and turn so his elbows augment the stick hold.

In this example there is no technique, only principles at play.

Enjoy the work and keep it free.

Success is not just winning – It is freedom from technique and getting better at being yourself.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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