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  • A few things to free your motion and ease your posture to true:

    1. Stand (or walk as you wish) and swing your arms to clap your hands at the fron and than at the back. Do this lightly and be observant to keep the neck and anything else that isn’t working at peace.

    2. lie on your back with arms to the sides and raise one leg to the opposing hand without raising your shoulders off the ground. This is good to free up the lower back especially.

    3. Remain on your back and reach with one arm and hold one hand with the other. Relax and slowly pull the hand that is on the floor in an arch toward the pulling hand while applying light ressistance. Working this way, as you have with the static push up position and lightly moving against yourself or a partner in this manner will greatly strengthen your joints and connective tissue so the body remains a strong healthy tool to perform good work and live well with your people. (this of course applies to the torso head and legs as well) Play with this concept and see how this works best for you.

    If I forget, Again I would like to thank Mikhail Ryabko and Daniil Ryabko for their Seminar and good spirits.

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  • Hi,

    This one is not about movement or breathing which are the same. I was at a seminar with MR yesterday and at the end we all said our goodbyes. We thanked MR and his son Daniel for their knowledge and love and took pictures. I did that too and a lesson that I learned a while ago surfaced again. It is sometimes good not to get exactly what you wanted or had in mind. That way you remain humble and see things as they are truely. It keeps you free from your ego and in some way allows you to see yourself and others in a more realistic view. In my humble opinion it can help you accept better.

    Enjoy the weekend, Fast, Douse and clear your minds, Tell your loved ones what they mean to you, Sharon 🙂

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  • A few fun things to do:

    First just breath naturally and with a rythem that fits what it is you are doing. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Let the breath lead your actions unless you are doing something on purpose and don’t stop breathing unless that is your intent to begin with. Breath is life.

    1. Stand with feet together. bend from the hip forward and place your hands on the floor. start walking with your hands til you reach  an almost vertical posture and go back.

    2. To develop strength in the hands, stay in the push up position on your fists for a few minutes (ususally 5-10) it builds the good heavy hands feeling (ability to move without tention gives you strength) and helps to build a good posture and core (diagfram and pelvic floor power and stability) you have to figure out what position or movement works for you and it is a way to figure out who you are and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Also walk with straight hands infront of you and try to relax whatever muscle or other tension you feel in your body so only what is needed is activated. Think, if you have no sticks in the wheels the wagon will run smoother,

    3. Stand in front of a wall and put your weight on it using your fists. Walk up and down and figure out how to position yourself to keep frum hurting yourself.

    Remember to do things from the right reasons. If you want to fight you will find a fight. If you wish to help yourself and others you will see what options exist for you. If you see the world and especially others without the filter of the past, you will see more and be more free in your actions. 

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  • So, a little more on the pressure thing. Try this: Flex your back backwards and see how far you go. Now press your hands or fists to the lower back and repeat and in most cases it will go further. We relax against pressure. Especially if it comes from a human or ourselves. We tend to even out the tension we receive and if someone leans against you you will probably lean against him to even the pressure out. If he moves away suddenly and without notice, you may lose balance and it can be both usefull and entertaining.

    Just experiment and see what works for you. A MR’s Systema. Know yourself. 

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  • 1. As we recieve pressure we tend to lean into that pressure. We have to know this and to be able to integrate it into our awareness and be able to revert it if needed.


    2. As we are struck or HEET, let the energy move you and don’t work against it. If you fight and be all ego it wil hurt.Let the tension out through your breath and keep it even to the amount of the given strike.  

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  • Here is a sorta Yoga routine I do in bed before I lie down:

    1. Lie on my back and lift my knees over the head. Now coordinated by natural breath I touch one knee to the mat and than the other as I relax the hip and shoulders to a 60 count.

    2 Lie on my back and lift both legs in the air from the hips. Now straighten them up and release 60 times.

    3 Put the ankle of one leg above the knee of the other and bend toward it while pulling on the foot of the straight leg 30 times for each leg.

    4 lie on my stomach and hold my ankle with my hands and rise in an arch up. Now sway side to side 60 times.

    5 Sit with both legs straight together. Raise one knee and place the foot on the outside on the other leg thigh above the knee.  Now place the palm of the opposing hand under the foot of the bend leg and twist your spine as you exhale and relax it as the air comes in 30 times per leg.

    It feels good and relaxes after a long day. 

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  • Try to massage and move around the bones in your hands and feet. Not as to dislocate them but feeling out and limbering the palm/backhand area and the foot itself can feel good and you get to know how it works naturally.


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  • First post



    I started to write my reflections and ideas after self practice or class on paper and this is will be it from now on.


    1. As you feel pressure against you like a hand resting on your back or a push to the head, we tend to lean into that pressure. If you create this imbalance and follow it you can drop a person without even touching him like MR shows. Practice.

    2 To free the shoulders you can clap at the front and swing the arms to the back and clap there too. Try to increase the space as you go and have fun. As in all things, let your breath lead the motion. 

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