Physics of Hitting

 I will present a few ideas to address this question. First the obscure part. You can skip straight to the movement drills and come back later for this: Mentally we place a divider between making contact and hitting. There is no actual difference aside from that line we place before ourselves to cross. Pushing is… Read More Physics of Hitting

Learning to walk may start with stumbling which is fine and the logical thing to do is to clean out the stumbling from the walk once we are able to. Start with a partner and a stick. Look forward and up and tense and relax shoulders and hips a few times. Now start walking slowly… Read More

Give your partner a whip rope or a stick and have him close first one eye. Now try to reach him first with your feet as he swings and moves himself to either deter and avoid you and you change places and closed eye from time to time. Next close both eyes and work again… Read More