It is there for a reason

Your anger is there for a reason. Your pain comes from something and fear is one of the things that keeps you going.

Nature does not waste but it does not mean we cannot.

We waste time and thought thinking of things that were instead of doing something in the time that passes. We bemoan our past and doings instead of feeling and thinking with the things in front and inside us. We waste and thus hoard waste inside us.

To clean up this inner clutter we need a bit of a split style of actions.

One part of us is the outside maelstrom of reactions and pondering that goes through our mind body and heart and the other part is the tranquil observance of the inner core which is not silent but continuously stays in the here and now.

Here is the split of actions to remedy the accumulation of dust on our inner and outer wheels.


Do something on a regular basis (daily I suggest) that comes from yourself. Write without filter, dance for your own pleasure, walk in nature and take it in with all your senses and express yourself without the push and pull of expecting results and repercussions.


Work daily on reaching your goals in a methodical manner. You want a stronger body ? Work to strengthen your connective tissue and nervous system and your muscles will respond in kind.

There is chaos in order and vice verse by the nature of encapsulation and manifestation. A right answer now may be wrong tomorrow so keep the clutter off your wheels by going in those two directions at the same time. With practice you will see they are one.






Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)