No start to finish

It is easy to divide the battle to before, during and after and to some extent it is true. It is however a burden to divide it in terms of movement when you want to recognize what is happening or want to be the initiator yourself.

In the coming drill we will work several variations in order to clean excess tension and movement and also use it to free the mind and body to keep going. Don’t demonize fear. It is an integral part of our body and psyche and a useful tool in our lives.

Start standing face to face at an arm distance away from each other. Pay attention to your breath and look each other over. Note the pace and manner of each others breath and posture. Note how they shift themselves in place and perform the same observation on yourself. Know that whatever your body is saying is very loud to many.

Continue to touching outstretched hands and swaying in place and letting the sway (release of postural rigidity) take away the impact from the contact.

Continue to repeating this drill by laying hands on each other and working to push and pull each other as you release your body to avoid being tensed up and moved from place.

Continue to walking side by side and having one attack at a time. The movement needs to be unchanged and natural. If the other party notes the movement before contact is made. It calls it and the attack is forfeit (repeat this drill to find out your own current tells and tensions and with time your practice will deepen).

Continue to walking side by side and having one attack at a time. This time, make the movement abrupt and harsh in nature and work to avoid reaction by keeping your breath continuous and your focus on your own movement rather than controlling the outside. All types of movement teach us something unique and thus need to be experienced and solutions worked dynamically throughout.

Finish with walking side by side and having either attack at will according to the signal you gauge and your own inner calm. Play with continuous contact but without forgetting to pay attention to what is around you and above all. Choose your actions instead of being a beaten drum.




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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)