A healthy mind equals A healthy nation

Our paradigms are the halls our dreams are made in. We can only achieve and do what we deem possible and we often place chains on our hearts and minds.

Names and distinctions force our eyes to see in terms and the boxes we place our actions and movements will impact our lives with every breath and thought.

Consider the distinction between soldier and citizen. Are they not one and the same? Are we nations who rise to keep our children safe or do we place a stamp on a person and he is a citizen no more?

I ask you to consider a different way of looking at distinction. A point of view which encompasses dualism and distinction without limitations. Make the decision yourself as you always do. Even though sometimes we agree to think someone else with a tag (government, police, establishment) can decide for us.

Attach and defense are movements on the bandwidth of combat but truly exist in out minds as distinction. Any movement and maneuver can be both from an air force bombardment to extending your hand forward. The moment you can see both attack and defense but not limit your perception to one or the other you release yourself from the prison of terms.

I ask you to see people past the badges and yourself as a sovereign, a father, a son. A person. See establishments as frames with people as well as symbols and see past the learned lessons into real wisdom.

A short note about martial art. Most arts taught today have little to do with the mechanics of war fighting. Empty hand technique and cold arms use, are very sparingly used and if you have a rifle and have to resort to a knife during a  fight, you are hopefully going for silence is golden.

The real use of martial art as taught today for war fighting is in cleaning the essence of the soldier to be. What you learn and accept of your nature and the release of inner horizons is the true value for the grunt. You are not a rifleman alone. You are a member of a team, a choice maker, a tool maker and user, a friend and medic. Hopefully a mensch 🙂





Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)