Notes from class: Eye communication

The direction and focus of the eyes holds your own movement, balance and thoughts but it also a transmission between yourself and your contact.

Here are a few games to play to bring this into your daily awareness.


  1. Stand in front of your partner and focus on them. Change focus from them to the background as fast as you can until you merge the two into one whole.
  2. Walk a circle around your partner and release your focus to see them when they are in your scope. Have them circle you and release the focus so you let them leave your scope instead of letting the moving object control you externally.
  3. Stand in front of your partner and focus your eyes on the area you aim to touch and then try to touch it. Repeat where you focus on one direction and moving in another. Enjoy the game and keep breathing.
  4. Stand in front of your partner and focus on one part of their body. Check if you can “call out” a movement or direction by simply focusing on it.
  5. Place your hand on your partner and have them look at you. Notice if you can see the shift to move and give them a push to let them know when you feel it. Shift positions every few times to keep from going into a tempo.

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Sharon Friedman

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