Spread yourself in your breath

Moments of crisis are easy to handle when you view them from afar. Spreading yourself in your breathing lets you see and handle yourself from a more composed point of view and become less swayed by the storm around you. Be inside your breath, all throughout yourself. Let the storm pass and all that shall remain will be you.

  1. Lay down to a comfortable position and shake your body with your breath as a tempo until you find a resting position.
  2. Listen to your pulse in your neck and let that awareness spread on the surface of your body. Feel the wave of pulse on the surface of your entire body.
  3. Feel the pulse through your wrists. Feel the blood moving through them and slowly tilt your forearms up and down to shift the major mass of blood up and down through the wrists. Extend the awareness of the pulse through the joints of the fingers and then up the body through the elbow and shoulders. Shift and tilt your body in different angles and twists to move the blood through your body and extend your awareness though all your joints including your hips, your ribs and spine.
  4. Inhale and extend the feeling to your face. Feel the pulse and temperature of your body in your face as you breathe and extend the feeling with time to your entire body. The skin breaths. The more you pay attention, the more your body and mind will work together.
  5. Lie down and breathe continuously.
    1. Place your awareness in your shoulders and breath by extending them up and pressing them down.
    2. Go down to the chest and breathe with your chest expanding and contracting.
    3. Lower yourself to the ribs and breathe through their movement.
    4. Go inside into your upper diaphragm and breathe through contracting and releasing it. Notice that here the body internal pressure does the exhale work for you.
    5. Lower yourself to the lower diaphragm (pelvic floor) and breathe through shifting the pressure on the upper diaphragm.
    6. Lift your legs up and breathe through pressing your hips to your body and releasing the pressure.
    7. Turnover on your stomach and breathe by twisting and binding your spine slowly.
    8. Lie down again and inhale by swallowing air with your mouth and throat and exhaling by relaxation.
  6. Let your breathing sync with your pulse. Inhale on one pulse and exhale on the other. Extend to a smooth inhale over two pulses and the same in exhale. Extend further to what you can stretch yourself over and listen to your body

Being there in the moment takes work and time. Go inside and you will sail your own boat.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)