Fist ups

Let’s have some practical fun while gaining deeper awareness health and ability.   Stand and have a partner place a fist on your stomach. Exhale and relax your frame to drape over the fist and rise up with your inhale. Repeat while reversing your breath and for different angles and locations on your front. Stand… Read More Fist ups

hitting like a rope

If you have ever worked on a sailboat, you know to be weary of a rope on the loose. In these two videos we show how to both unleash and recoil this rope within ourselves. Keep safe and see each other as people instead of targets.

Fists on the wall

Our health is paramount in delivering and receiving impact. Our awareness is paramount in using our structure as it was developed to use just what is needed for the continuity of our lives. Start by standing a full step away from the wall. Relax your ankles and lean with both fists on the wall. Maintain… Read More Fists on the wall

Go to the usual push up position on the fists and tense and relax your body in parts and in waves. Remember to align the neck and head and to feel the body rather than remote control it with your eyes. Now go to half hight so the elbows are at 90 degrees. from this position slowly lift one arm relaxed from the ground and than when it is pointing upwards slowly raise your body up as well. This is a relaxation and awareness drill to learn to move from the body and letting the breath lead you under some tension. It is good to modify the idea to your type of personality and what is your focus at the moment.

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Do this drill on the ground or on a wall depending on your state and available space. Imagine a line going from your naval to your head and place your fists on the ground so both thumbs face away from the line and relax for one minute breathing and relaxing the muscles. Change your position to thumbs pointing up and add another minute and after this slowly shake your hands letting the feeling of lightness or heaviness sink. Now add a minute with your thumbs facing each other and another one with them pointing downward.

This drill is to make the body healthy and strong while working and hitting in all angles and to learn to relax in different tension points. Remember to tense and relax your chest and back and anything you feel you need to in all these positions to learn where you have tension so you can be aware of it and breathe it out.
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