Few means more than ten

Do a few push ups on the fists and jump with your entire body off the ground and land with soft limbs so there is no impact. Move your entire body with the breath and relax so there is no impact of hard on hard.
Do a few sit ups and when you are seated jump with all of your body in the air (you can swing a rope underneath to make sure all of you is off the ground) and again relax.
Do a few leg raises and when the legs are coming back from the overhead jump and remember to move as one and relax the parts which are in contact so there is less impact and shock.
Do a few squats and jump in the lower position using the spring of the joints and tendons to avoid tensing up. Smile and move as one it is easier.

Do a few push ups on a hard pillow, a sleeping bag or a partner and align yourself as it or he moves underneath.
Do a few sit ups with a partner behind you so you have to bring up your hips to align yourself when your head and shoulders are resting on him on the down position.
Do a few leg raises so than you have to again raise your middle when your feet are resting on the partner.
Do a few squats where you sit down for each squat and rise again to the squat without using the hands.
This is so you learn to move using all your parts to align yourself in any position.

Strike drill in two parts:
1 place your fist on your partner and relax so you feel him better. Feel where he is tense and work to unbalance him with the least amount of movement (remember to stand in a comfortable distance and to move yourself so you know your hips and shoulders are relaxed. If you are tense than you can control nothing)
2 Close your eyes and walk toward your partner and as your fist makes contact with him, let it align itself and than move if inward in the same way you did during drill 1.

when in doubt, do some push ups and come up with variations on your own.


Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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