ten tests of strength

Here are ten tests of strength to gauge our ability under the pressure of life and going through the motions. They come to bring light to what we can do during the work and not when we are primed and ready. There is a vast difference between a boxing match and a ditch fight over the life of a friend.

  1. Hang on a tree branch and count to 120 out loud. Once finished, start doing pull ups and see how well you do.
  2. Squat down and count to 300 out loud. Once finished, sprint a 100 meters and see how well you do.
  3. While keeping yourself and others safe, avoid sleep for 72 hours and then write a full assay about how you see the world and yourself. See how well or different you do.
  4. While keeping yourself and others safe, Keep your eyes closed and perform your morning routine until you exit your home without your sight. Note how well you do.
  5. Place a conscious capable friend you care about over your shoulders and carefully walk up a few flights of stairs. See how you perform gentle tasks such as tying special ties with thin ropes and creating a working pulley without a winch. See how you do.
  6. Stand in a location without fragile china and start spinning around (lookup ballet if you want to learn a trick to that) Count to 60 out loud as you spin and then, perform a target practice from throwing darts to taking a good solid picture of an object under maximum zoom. See how you do.
  7. Place yourself in the push up position and start doing push ups as you hold your breath until you cannot continue (avoid breaking your own nose) Take a knife and cut a precise as you can shape into a piece of wood and see how you do.
  8. Inhale slowly until you cannot take in more air and hold. Start from a standing position and transition to laying on your stomach and getting back up until you cannot perform so anymore. See how you do.
  9. Play a game of tag and allow yourself to move only backwards. See how you do.
  10. Wear uncomfortable clothes (winter in summer or without a belt to hold your pants up..) and perform any task you choose. See how you do.

Difficulty and specialty are ways to bring us to ourselves and evolve as we clean the excess. The way we treat what comes along is the surest measure of our growing quality.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)