Things to do with your smartphone

Technology is what we make of it. That is so simple that it goes unnoticed. Here are six uses for your smartphone to make your practice better.

  1. Learning to gauge time – use the timer one various settings and perform a task from getting the garbage to the bin to doing X pushups. See if you can do it in the time you alloted yourself for the task and how close you were to the time.
  2. Download a metronome app and play with rhythm. Learn to change your rhythm and work in various speeds and tempos. Learning to let go of just one tempo is key to learning to ride the wave.
  3. Take a picture of something in front of you (not in the locker room) and watch the picture to note things you did not pay attention to when you looked at what you snapped a picture of. Repeat the drill and see if there is a pattern of things, colors and so on that is dormant to you.
  4. Take a video of yourself (again, not in the locker room) moving though one of your regular patterns (walking, running, sitting down …) and watch yourself. Freeze the frame and see if you are bent, twisted and so on without need or if you use too much tension in holding the Dynamic Frame TM 🙂
  5. Take a video or sound recordingof the street or nature around you and listen to it with closed eyes. Note what sounds you did not pay attention to when you recorded the video and note why and where it came from.
  6. Open your camera app and place the finger on the picture button. Note a repeating occurrence such as a wave on the beach or a person exiting a building and learn to sync with the app to snap a picture at a particular time. Timing with what is around you is key to getting the job done, especially if you used to pull a trigger. The target can be the crest of the wave or exactly when the person touches his foot outside the building.

And when you feel like it, Smile.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)