One simple push

Complicated things are made of simpler and simpler things ? Let’s assume they are all the same and see how this works. Avoid learning how to open all keys and instead learn how a house is made.

Let us take a push to the back of the head and play with it and see if the situation changes or does it simply require the same approach in different ways.

Start with standing straight. Keep yourself straight and have a partner push your head and walk around you to push from all sides and angles. Keep your awareness on how your body creates a path of tension to keep you in place and add speed (not force) to the game to create and release the tension without delay.

Now, reverse the push point of view and lean on your partners hand from different directions and again feel the tension your body creates to keep you straight.

Now, choose a shoulder and start moving your body the moment your head is touched by your partner. Switch your start point every four pushes and go down the body until you reach the feet.

Now, push your partners hand with your head from all angles and have them work to push you where you are not active (paying attention) as you try to navigate the hand in your own direction. Move without snaps to keep yourself healthy and focus on breath first and contact second.

Now, have your partner circle you walking (initiating the predator pray mindset) and push you from your blind spots. Focus on breathing continuously and if you see it coming, move but not away J from the contact.

Now, walk freely and have your partner walk behind you. This again initiates the predator pray mindset and it is important to keep in mind we are both at the same time. Have your partner push your head from behind as you walk and utilize what you have done so far to:

  1. Keep breathing without pause
  2. Keep moving without excess tension
  3. Adjust and act on the contact when it makes sense
  4. Use your entire body in every move

A fun addition is to grab their clothes as you push the head 🙂

Hang on a branch or bar afterwards to decompress the spine.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)