An inclusive take on everyday training

Time is the true commodity. Here are eight drills that hide within daily actions to sharpen and hone the movement ability of us all.

1.Slowly increase the distance you take to throw the trash into the trash bin (Be extra careful with weird shaped objects, they fly differently)

2. Walk up the stairs at night without turning on the lights and use the soles of your feet and your skin sense of air movement to measure where you are.

3. Write your notes on paper without looking at it while you are moving the pen on the paper. Give yourself time and if you are a doctor, practice this first on something that is not a prescription.

4. Once a day, Guess the number of steps it will take you to go from A to B and see how close you were to the mark. Improvement comes from conscious experience.

5. Look up every night and note the state of the moon, stars and clouds. Guess what will present itself the following night and with time your senses will hone themselves to the weather.

6. Teach yourself to write with the other hand (apologizes if you come from combat engineering and it does not apply) Wiring your brain to be ambidextrous is a great gift in the long run.

7. Find actions you perform with a brace and a breath hold. For example: opening the bottle of Coca Cola after the weight lifter of the office closed it and find a way to do it with minimal muscle tension and continuous breathing.

8. Use your nose to smell your food before you start eating and your car before you turn it on. Using your sense of smell can help your stomach prepare the right activation for a healthier digestion and also avoid some car bombs and driving with a leaky car.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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