Eye of the storm

The sea of tranquility

Within each storm there is a calm center. It can be a small clearing or even a silent pocket of air but it exists as part of the process and is an inherent part of it.

Within every change there are also constants and our work must reflect them in order to allow ourselves to accept all facets of reality and avoid harm to ourselves and to our loved ones.

The basic mechanics of the body and tension patterns we are born with are one and the way we naturally use our senses are two. Our awareness to both and how they interact is also a factor in this shifting sea of  variables and by combining simple continuous play on these patterns and perceptions with a shift in point of view we gain our freedom from within.

Beliefs and paradigms will be discussed on a different post.

An example:

One of the most basic patterns of movement is getting up and going to the ground. We do so every day in different degrees and levels of grace and awareness but making it a building block in our practice will harness the power that lies within how we perceive this shift and how we can adept and move with what is happening with every breath.

Drill suggestion:

Start sitting down on the ground and getting up with a stop on the up and another on the down as the appearance of a pendulum.

Continue to going smoothly between the positions without stop as a pendulum moving in an ellipsis.

Continue to going up and down but without one of your limbs to aid in the movement and with switching the chosen limb each time.

Continue to going up and down with your legs together as one leg and your arms at your sides.

Continue to going up and down with a partner giving your obstacles on your path (a stick held in the way or something of the sort) to unlearn diving into a plan with no ability to go with what is.

Continue to going up and down with a partner working with tension (pushing, puling, holding) to move you in the opposite direction to unlearn that tension is bad and that you must react to contact (bringing  the reaction mind and body to a conscious level and to an aware body consciousness is a great leap from follower to free)

Keep safe, but not too safe.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)