building smoothness

Here are eight partner drills to build and hone your efficient and effective movement patterns. Don’t search for the key. Be the key maker.

  1. walk and breathe continuously. Have a partner throw a ball at you as you walk. Your job is to move out of the way and intercept the ball in flight. Do not stop the ball in flight but add to its course so you spiral it back to the thrower. (you can have the thrower move too to keep your eye work more dynamic)
  2. Lie on your stomach or back and close your eyes. Have a partner throw a ball in any direction and you have to get up and intercept the ball on one breath. Here place your attention on what you move first and how you get up in any direction.
  3. Move continuously between laying on the ground and standing. Have a partner use a sharp object such as a nail or knife to push and pull against the movement and with continuous breathing move with the contact but stay on your own course. Don’t be brave. Be effective.
  4. Tie a smooth rope between your ankles so you cannot extend past hip width. Have a partner push and pull on you from all sides. Your job is to move toward your partner where there is no pressure within this release-constraint TM 🙂
  5. Take an plastic cup or another easily crush-able object in your hand. Use this hand to push and pull your partner in any of the previous drill and avoid placing any pressure on the object. You must contain your own frame dynamically to be effective on the long run.
  6. Make sure the ground is safe and balance on the heels of your feet. Have your partner push and pull on you. Your job is to maintain the lowest amount of tension in your frame as you move with the release-constraint. Holding on to the ground is a habit and habits are either servants or slave makers. Let them go.
  7. Tense your entire body and keep breathing. Have your partner push and pull you anywhere and from any angle. Your job is to choose where you start to move from and to let go of excess tension once you are touched. Everyone has fear and tension. Everyone can manage it once attention to the tension is there.
  8. Walk with your partner at your side or moving freely around you. Focus on breathing continuously and let the building expectation release through the exhale. Have your partner jump on you whenever they wish. Release them into the ground and move on.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)