Notes from class: Removing the Frame

One of the constants in life is our shape.

We hold it as a given with tension and angles and our perception of horizon.

Let’s dismantle this chain over us and relearn through awareness and honesty to join in battle instead of clash.

  1. Stand and with your inhale, tense the outside line of your frame. Tense the outer side of the thighs, tense the outside of the arms, neck and body. Release and repeat a few times.
  2. Stand and with your exhale, tense your center. Tense your behind and psoa muscles, tense your abdomen and lower back. Release and repeat a few times. (This will give you awareness to the inner and outer frame tension and the relationship between them)
  3. Stand and close one eye. Have a partner push and pull on you with both upper and lower limbs. Breathe continuously and release tension once from the outer and once from the inner frame and continue to play with this until you are feeling the merge between them. Repeat the work for the other eye and then switch eyes with every step.
  4. Have your partner strike you with both upper and lower limbs three times. Release tension and move with the contact on the first two and on the third, slide and entangle your partner. (This is done to release the need to answer all questions and to release the need to work only from certain positions)
  5. Have your partner strike you with both upper and lower limbs. Release your tension frames and from the movement that creates, glide along their limbs and body and maintain your continuoum of breathing, releasing and movement.
  6. Have two partners strike you together. use all the work so far to keep going on your own path instead of being reactive. The most important part of the work is not to be good in class. It is the honesty and awareness it builds for your life ahead. Work for yourself and it will pay forward.

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