The hunter GATHERER

Looking back in history and looking at roles in the tribe and family of old we usually focus on the warriors and leaders, the hunters and not the gatherers.

It is a focus which takes a lot from your abilities and what can be had and evolved to aid in any work you take on today. Even office work today can be aided by the mindset and skills of the gatherer.

The same as Yin and Yang which need each other to complete the existence so do the different roles complement and add to each other in overview, ability and value to the community.

Here are simple tasks to do regularly as a team. The seasons and human events each add their own uniqueness to the tasks.


  1. Gather and make useful water carrying devices. – for example, water bottles from recycling, sponges to collect dew, old buckets and so on.
  2. Gather and make useful fire starting devices – for example, a not dead battery and some iron wool, discarded optical glasses as magnifying glasses, a broken Bic lighter and some kitchen leftovers.
  3.  Gather and make uselful cover sheets of plastic and fabric – for example, industrial plastic sheets that can form a roof cover and thermal barrier, a greenhouse and fashion waterproofing for small boats and so on. Discarded fabric wraps and bags and straps that can create load carrying and other devices of much use.
  4. Gather and make usuful tools – gather  discarded nails and screws. Gather sticks of differerent uses from walking to hammer and axe heads. Gather discarded cutlery and cans. Gather heating material for a basic forge and metals and wires from discarded vehicles and electric devices. With time and a bit of thought you can fashion and gather a basic toolbox.
  5. Look around you and watch for the available spaces. See the rooftops and the drains. The gaps between walls and the hidden lanes in the gardens and rural places. The unnoticed spaces in your surroundings hold a treasure of opportunities within them and will open your eyes to see the whole instead of being blind to anything you do not seek.
  6. Look around you and watch for free skill building. Volunteer to help at a hospital or in building and repairing for those in need. Check and help in search and rescue and learn tracking and outdoorman skills. Learn by investing just your time and heart in something that connects you to your people.


Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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