Training while under the weather

Illness and weakness makes us all aware of our mortality. It is no reason to stop improving and understanding ourselves. It is a reason to adept and learn with a differnet focus. Our health and ability will improve much by giving these methods a chance so we may stay mortal, a bit longer.

  1. Full body pulse: feel your own pulse at the side of the neck or anywhere else. Use pressing your fingers to the skin and your own focus to spread the awareness to your own pulse to a greater and greater area of the body. In time, you will feel a grand pulse throughout your entire system. There is a great affect of integration in that and a helping hand in letting the body heal itself.
  2. Full contact awareness: lie down and pay attention to every bit of you that is touching anything other than the air. Note the bed covers or earth, note the fabric of your clothes as they touch your skin and how they move as you breathe and shift. Contact awareness will help you be gentle with yourself and allow a greater harmony within.
  3. Noise awareness: We drink a cup of tea or that terrible substance called coffee. We take the cup from the table, we place it back on it and seldom listen to the noise we are making. Aim to create zero levels of noise in your movement and contact. This will take the focus from the action and bring it back to you. A deeper level of that is listening to the body inner noises. The tendons and stomach and the bones if you reach them. Listening both outside and inside will create a level of smoothness that will help a lot in letting things mend.You will also strike much better.
  4. Body breath awareness: lie down on your back and just relax your musles by tensing them and letting of on the exhale. Go through the entire body including the toes. Exhale and wait for the body to breathe at this relaxed state. This will help using less and less excess in your breathing and through that, in any other tasking. Less excess equals more energy for good movement and growth.
  5. Digital awareness: Relax your body and start moving your fingers one by one. Use your breath to lead motion and work with care to move each joint with freedom from mirror movement in other joints of the hand. Work your hands together and reach greater control by paying attention to what your nervous system is telling you. This will allow you to release more excess and direct your energy to where you want it. Especially if you have less than normal at the moment.

You are, what you make of yourself.

Make it a good one.





Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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